La falta de criterio propio

Tendencias, son ese cliché ligado a una línea de tiempo adornada con la popularidad. The trend now in human evolutionary line is information and this is how all …

Lo que no podemos cambiar

Desde que tengo uso de razón creí que tenía un don especial. Algo así como que detectaba fácilmente a las personas con problemas serios emocionales, lies and feeling …

Fulfilling the American Dream

Some people think that the great American dream is to go to America and make a lot of money, buy a nice big house with big yard and spacious sidewalks, to have …

Pensamiento noche

Thinking of my night

Ya 'read in fear of anything!. I hope my humble life keep coming, nice clients, positive people, good and honest people. & Nbsp;

Find partner online

While the title of this article is enthusiastic, I will talk a little reality. The world over time and “evolution” is changing, improving, worse …

elecciones colombia

A good choice

Today we won, lose tomorrow. Joy filled us Colombians with three goals!. The prohibition applies from 6pm today, Saturday, pero más de uno