Strategic Planning for SMEs

A strategic plan makes a group of people not only the manager, the more people get involved it will be the best plan. Many companies do not for short-term paradigm (besides that companies they do not know how to do), you have to think long term, achievements think that brings the market, and there are many tools available to us as the technology that is now a great enabler to harness.
short-termism, in most South American countries we have advantaged, companies have no long term, sectors have long-term, people do not have long-term, live day to day, putting out fires, How many companies collapse in 10 early years because they have not had vision, objectives, north star, strategies? The strategies are the way to change positions, They can be various ways and various scenarios, so, several strategies.

We must learn to develop a strategic plan. Developed countries are developed because they have a strategic plan, Successful companies also have a strategic plan, and plans are 10, 15 the 20 years.

To make a strategic plan needs to have a vision of a minimum of 5 years, the vision is the compass that should have the company in its business. Then we must raise the long-term goals, at the end the vision turns out to be the sum of long-term goals. Business mission then trace, what do we do?, What our roles are? When we have clear objectives begin to analyze our environment (economic policy, social, technological), then we analyzed internally to begin studying strengths, weaknesses giving a contrast to the scene with the matrices SWOT, BCG, PCI, among others and that somehow we will taking strategies to achieve that vision we have set from the beginning.


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