La Ethics of paying for Ranking

Pagar_posicionamientoLooking to position websites, Business, shops, Brands, Web customers are looking for various alternatives appear top of search results, if van for las dos alternativas, SEO y SEM.

Optimizing a website as it is known is for long-term results, it's a pretty busy activity and requires periodicity, patience, googlebot knowledge and cunning to enteder how the online sector that owns the website works. All in favor of traffic to our site, that's the essence of the internet.Regarding SEM, We have several options, from creating campaigns by Google, Facebook, to pay to other Web sites for comment our articles and give a link to our page. Esto en lenguaje popular es “relevance to pay for our items”.

However the latter option gives the SEM, and is in the portfolio of many agencies offering SEO, for me it will always be questionable. A month ago talking to a designer of an agency in Barcelona and proudly defends the position to sell its customers the possibility that they will pay for your items (whether they are of little interest) be posted on other web sites to your web address then.

That is as throughout, if you have money you position your website and point, contents are low and interest to the public or empty.

For ethical question for me is always questionable that having to pay other companies to publish my article and comment, I understand, something is paying for my banner and locate the user decides whether or not you click, until he sees my brand, but, ¿qué exhalten un contenido de mi sitio y lo hagan ver espectacular?, basically for me this is a hoax and mocking the surfer.

It's sad what has brought us a monopoly on our favorite search engine; I guess time will Normatized the internet and in order for all, not only for the common sailor, but also for agencies and why not, control for Creative Inc.

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