“Investigate a market is not easy”

Nobody gives accurate and successful guide to study “all right” market.
You get a few steps and forgets that the structuring of markets varies from country to country, and even from region to region and also in each industry sector.

While studying to be a market mipyme pass 6 months and already some things have changed. That's why only large corporations advantageous to carry out its investment to pay market research. They are usually the only ones with budgets that allow them to keep pace with the changing tastes among consumers.
And given the gall to study us well in pars habits impose fashions, new needs.

Como simples ciudadanos estamos ya en la bola de nieve capitalista y si no nos incluimos en laroscaestamos destinados a trabajar en forma hasta los 80 years, porque no nos funcionó un negocio, o simplemente nos funcionó una temporada hasta que vino una multinacional a controlar el mercado con sus precios.

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